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You don’t have to just sit and wait for hours when your heat shuts down. Stand up to the winter cold by finding a higher standard of service.

A broken furnace shouldn’t stir up so many so much frustration. Gilray Heating and Cooling’s HVAC pros can help. We can locate and fix whatever problem that rears its head, getting you back to a cozy home that much sooner.

If is time for a service call, let us know! The furnace repair technicians at Gilray Heating and Cooling are some of the best at professional HVAC service for a broad variety of makes and models.

Get the heat flowing again fast with our expert furnace repair.

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Furnace Service in Hatley, Wisconsin and Surrounding Areas

For the some of the best furnace repair in Hatley, homeowners choose Gilray Heating and Cooling to get your furnace up and running the first time.

Prefer to review annual maintenance plans before we leave? Regular maintenance can provide lots of benefits by helping minimize the risk of costly furnace repair calls by boosting your system’s energy efficiency and overall effectiveness. This can turn into a lot of savings over a system’s lifespan, and is almost always a good idea for furnace maintenance.

Decided to upgrade your heating instead? Furnace installation is one of our many other services. And it’s no trouble if you haven’t thought about reviewing the available choices yet. In truth, it’s better if we take some time with you to help you figure out the correct furnace for your money’s worth and comfort preferences.

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